Cheap Smoke Bombs
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Introduction [ edit this section ]

This Instructable will show you how to make a cheap and easy smoke bomb. Most Instructables that I have seen so far require you to have access to potassium nitrate or Saltpeter. This one however, will show you how to make an easy smoke bomb without anything but a couple of matches, sugar, and a few other things.

Getting Your Materials
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To make this smoke bomb you will need the following:
  1. A box of standard strike on box matches (any other kind don't work)
  2. Pure granulated sugar cane, brown sugar works as a substitute
  3. Scissors
  4. A long lighter like the kind used for grilling
  5. Aluminum or tin foil
  6. A LOT of PATIENCE!!!
Your Main 'Fuel'
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A smoke bomb requires at least two things, a fuel to burn, and an oxidizer. For fuel you will need to take at least 45 matches and either cut off the end or scrape off the red stuff. The best way to scrape off the red stuff is to use scissors. After you have successfully done all 45 matches set them aside and begin work on the "Bowl."

After you have created you "fuel" you will need something to hold it in. We will call this the "Bowl." The bowl will be made from a piece of aluminium or tin foil that is about three inches by three inches. Now find your pile of "fuel from the last step and GENTLY pour it into you "bowl."

Adding The Smoke
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Now add about half a teaspoon of sugar to the "bowl." This is what will create the smoke. After you have added the sugar to the "bowl" GENTLY stir together the pile of red "fuel" and the sugar.

Finishing The Smoke Bomb (Your Almost Done!)
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Now, GENTLY close up the top of the "bowl" so that there is only about a half inch or one centimeter gap at the top. You will use this to light it. (Sorry About The Shaky Picture)

Lighting The Your Smoke Bomb!
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Now take it outside and light your smoke bomb!

(Sorry I have no pictures of the actual smokebomb, my parents wouldn't let me light it near the house)

Thank you for reading my Instructable, have fun!