Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'Get Up! and DIY'?
The goal of this site is to develop a collaborative, open knowledge source to aid anyone who wants to create something but doesn't know where to start. The Do-It-Yourself community provides information and support to novices and experts alike. You can use this site as a resource to find new information or as a platform to share your ideas and contribute back to the population.

At some point in your life someone has likely told you “Get Up And Do It Yourself”. Maybe these words seemed harsh at the time, but you can take this suggestion as an opportunity to challenge yourself and explore new territory. Now more than ever the world is connected through communication of various means and that creates opportunities for collaboration. This site is built around these opportunities. With the help of the global knowledge base you can push yourself to explore your abilities as you learn new skills.
How can I contribute to the DIY community?
There are numerous ways to contribute to the community using Get Up! And DIY:
  • Create a project page to show your tips and techniques
  • Create a Challenge page asking for direction on a new project idea
  • Participate in discussions on existing Challenges
  • Comment on a project page to share a useful piece of information
  • Edit existing projects to improve its quality and usefulness
  • Share links on facebook, twitter and other social platforms to spread the word
How does the site work?
Users can submit projects on anything from electronics to cooking. After the project has been submitted any user can contribute their own knowledge to the project. Contributions can be simply fixing a spelling error or even contributing their own information to enhance the project contents. Once the author approves the content it becomes part of the website.
How do I create a project?
You can show the community how you accomplished a task by creating a project page.
  1. Start by clicking the "Create a Project" button to the left, or just click here
  2. Enter a general title for the project and a short description of what it's all about. 
  3. You can also change the folder name if you find it necessary.  Note: To preserve link integrity, the folder name can only be changed when first creating the project.
  4. Click on the default image to show the file upload utility. Upload an image which will give a good idea of what the project is about. This will show up as a thumbnail on the project categories page.
  5. Add details to the first section, usually titled "Introduction".  Add the details of the section, adding pictures,links and  slideshows where necessary. 
  6. Add more sections by clicking the "Insert Section Here" button located just below the current section.
  7. When you are done adding sections, click the Publish button to submit the project.
You will be emailed when someone edits your project.  At this point you, or an admin, will review the changes and approve or discard the changes.  You also receive emails when someone posts a comment on your project page.
What is a Challenge?
Generally speaking, a challenge is a question for the community regarding a task or problem you would like to know more about. It can be anything from “how do I build a rocket engine?” to “How do you distill beer?” The title gives a rough idea of what you are asking about while the description section is for giving a bit more depth about what knowledge you hope to gain and why you want it.
What happens after I submit a challenge?
After you type up and submit your challenge it is instantly visible on the website. There is a dedicated forum on your challenge page to allow others to post their own information in an attempt to answer your questions. You and the community will have the opportunity to post links to related websites, pictures which might prove helpful, and even link to existing projects which may answer challenge in some way.
Who answers the challenges?
People like you answer challenges! The DIY community is worldwide so your answers may come from Japan just as easily as the United States. Anyone has access to the question you pose and anyone can submit their information in an attempt to answer the challenge. The system relies on the good nature of people like you helping out. Answers can come more easily than you might imagine. Remember, we’re all in the same situation, trying to find answers to everyday questions. The collective knowledge base of the DIY world is a powerful thing!