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The History of the Teardown

The documented teardown has become a necessary part of any gadget's release. But why do we feel this need to take our gear apart?

New Projects:

Compact Grappling hook

18 Jan 2015
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When I was a kid I made little grappling hooks out of paper clips. No G.I. JOE was complete without one! Now that I'm all grown I've graduated from paper clips. This year I made a grappling hook. It screws apart for compact storage and even has an N52 Neodymium magnet. It's tied to 50' of paracord. See More...

Light-up wax dragon

11 Jan 2015
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This project was my daughter's idea: a cast wax dragon with LEDs inside. You can, of course, use a different mold, but we had some really nice silicone Chinese dragon molds that we got on ebay a long time ago (from a seller that alas seems no longer to be in business) that have held up to many plaster and wax casts. See More...

Garden watering jug

04 Jan 2015
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For watering young nursery plants, or trays of sprouts you need a controlled delivery of water. This watering jug does the job simply, effectively, and at no cost for materials. See More...

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